X-Men’s Rogue Joins Deadpool Game

Deadpool adds some Southern sass to the cast.

As the release date of High Noon and Marvel’s Deadpool game grows closer, they added something to sweeten the pie. Or rather sweeten the tea, in the white-haired form of a familiar Southern belle.

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Rogue joins the cast of guest stars who will be fighting alongside (or against) the Merc with a Mouth when the game is released on June 25th.

Rogue appears to have had a makeover, including a variation on her green outfit and a short haircut, instead of her brunette mane.

It’s not indicated how Rogue will interact with Deadpool in the game, though Marvel’s announcement did mention her mutant ability to absorbs powers, skills and even memories. Wade ponders the idea of them coming into ‘contact’.

She joins a Who’s-Who of Marvel characters in the cast, including the likes of Wolverine, Cable, and Domino who will have her first ever video game appearance.

Mister Sinister and his Marauders seem to be the game’s main adversaries.

Deadpool is unleashed June 25th.

You can see and hear Deadpool in action at www.deadpoolgame.com


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