Xbox 360 Achievements Leaked for San Andreas, Implying 360 Release

Achievement listings for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas imply an Xbox 360 release soon.

Have you ever wanted to play the old Grand Theft Auto games on the Xbox 360? While this has always been possible through backwards compatibility, a more convenient alternative might soon be available. lists achievements for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on its website, implying an imminent Xbox 360 release. (It’s already available on other platforms, like PC and PS3.)

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Currently, Rockstar has not commented on these achievements. But as Destructoid notes, the game’s ten year anniversary is coming up in a few days. They might be waiting to announce the port on October 26th (the game’s anniversary), with a release set for a few weeks later.

How will it be available?

The strange part, however, is how much the achievements are worth. Normally, downloadable titles feature 200 points worth of achievements. This holds true for both original titles and ports of older titles. But San Andreas is an exception; lists 1000 points worth of achievements, a number usually associated with boxed releases. So will the game see a boxed release as opposed to a digital one? Or is Microsoft exercising less control over achievement amounts in their digital releases?

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