Xbox Entertainment Awards Voters Exposed By Hack

A security breach on the Xbox Entertainment Awards voting site left thousands of voters' personal information exposed.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

The internet is such a dangerous place.  Even aside from the genuinely malicious people wandering about, the number of people who either want to prove their hacking mettle or are just bored and capable is staggering.  The Xbox Entertainment Awards are the latest victim of internet hacking.

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The awards themselves are a vote-based award system for all the games, music, movies, and other media available through Xbox 360 for the year of 2012.  The idea was for people to vote and have the results crowned in their various categories.  It is hardly a unique system and seemed likely to go smoothly as most such vanity projects do.

Except this one did not.  The voting site was breached this morning thus leaving the names, email addresses, and gamertags of people who had voted visible to anyone perusing the site. It was taken down quickly, but not before it could be screencapped showing the information of 2,892 people.

The official response is that they are having “technical difficulties” and the site has been taken offline while they investigate.  No word on what ultimate effect this will have on the awards.

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