Xbox Live Down for Many Gamers

Xbox Live is down... on double xp weekend

Xbox Live is down... on double xp weekend
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Earlier this week, xbox live gamers began to have difficulty signing into Xbox Live. When trying to sign into their profile, they are told that they can’t connect to Xbox Live even after a connection test says otherwise. I too have experienced this unfortunate incident.

On the Xbox Support webpage, Microsoft said:

We are aware that many members are still having trouble signing into Xbox Live. We greatly appreciate your patience during this time. We will be updating you with information regularly, so check back here often. Rest assured, we have every possible resource looking into a solution.

I hope they find the solution fast, cause the weekend is almost over and I’m not a level 50 in Gears of War yet. Until the servers are back up, gamers will have to make due with single player for a while. I’d recommend Skyrim, it will kill the time during the wait.



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