Xbox LIVE is Full of Women! Nearly 40% of American “Audience” Female!

According to Microsoft, women are on track to being the dominant force on LIVE.
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It may be hard to tell from that promo video dating back to the original Xbox but Microsoft’s online service has come a long way since its launch. Not only has LIVE evolved but so has its audience. A recently released report from Microsoft’s 2013 financial analysts meeting revealed that nearly 40% of Xbox LIVE’s American “audience” is female.

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Microsoft didn’t release any real numbers and didn’t define what their “audience” actually is, but instead threw out a bunch of statistics about digitally distributed entertainment. It’s safe to assume they’re implying that “audience” is anyone who uses Xbox LIVE. 

Even though Microsoft didn’t release numbers it’s still pretty significant to say that 40% of American LIVE users are ladies. Forever proving that video games are no longer as male dominated as they once were.

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner also announced that in 2012 alone the “Xbox platform delivered over 18 billion hours of entertainment globally.”

Xbox Live has 48 million members in 41 countries around the world. With over 78 million 360 units sold worldwide, that’s a whole lot of entertainment. 

Turner also seemed excited for the upcoming Xbox One, stating, “We believe we’ve got an incredible offering with Xbox One as it relates to multiplayer experiences and services.”

The company expects their new console to be successful, launching on November 22nd this year.

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