Xbox One Architecture Panel Notes

Eager for more information on what's in the box? You, me, and everyone else looking toward next gen.

Eager for more information on the upcoming Xbox One? Major Nelson is hosting a panel on the Xbox One’s architecture right now on Check it out now to get more information on Microsoft’s upcoming console-slash-media center.

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The panel is over, but the channel is repeating the feed for those interested!

The notes below bring up some of the more interesting points brought up during the panel. Kinect’s functionality in particular seems to have gotten a huge boost in the Xbox One. It looks like it will be a while until we get some hard specs on Microsoft’s next console.

  • Console designers had to develop a new type of silicone for the Xbox One.
  • New Kinect completely rebuilt with new technology. Field of view is 60% better, allowing for up to 6 “skeletons” to be viewed. Can now be used in smaller rooms.
  • New Kinect can read expressions, reading and cataloging data on users.
  • “We really wanted to appeal to the needs of the next generation,” in regards to social and media integration.
  • Console operating system to be flexible for third-party developers.
  • Apps can run simultaneously, such as matchmaking while watching television or playing another game.
  • Servers will use the cloud and it seems there will be servers one hop away using the cloud.
  • The system’s “ecosystem will continue to grow”.
  • 64 bit processor.
  • Allows for virtual systems for multiple operating system support.
  • “We don’t want the randomization of too much freedom,” in reference to the “too much freedom” found in PCs for standard users.
  • New cloud system will allow for persistent changes in games, such as the addition of new achievements or challenges based on the information gathered from players.
  • This generation’s innovation is “growing change”, whereas the original Xbox’s was the ethernet port and the Xbox 360’s was high definition video output.
  • Xbox One will sport a gigabit ethernet port.

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