XBox One Day One Patch Disconnect May Cause Green Screen of Death

My own encounter with the Green Screen of Death.

My own encounter with the Green Screen of Death.
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On a whim, I picked up an Xbox One on Friday. Initial boot up was going smoothly until the day one patch disconnected. At this point, the Xbox would no longer connect to the internet and kept returning to the network set-up section. There was no option to tun off the Xbox, or reboot it, so we had to completely cut power.

After turning it back on, the Xbox hung on the logo screen, AKA the “Green Screen of Death.” It sat there for a good 40 minutes, so I researched it on google. As it stands, there is no fix for the problem–so I took it back and exchanged it.

This occurrence, however, was likely caused by a connectivity issue with the internet. If you’re having issues, and you’re receiving DNS errors, do not reboot the Xbox. Find a way to strengthen the signal, reboot your modem, or plug-in an ethernet cord. If you received a Green Screen of Death, leave a comment below on your occurrence, so we can keep track of causes.

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