Xbox One: No Games Edition

I want to see games along with all the extra frills. Not just talking for ten minutes about Call of Duty: Ghosts.

I want to see games along with all the extra frills. Not just talking for ten minutes about Call of Duty: Ghosts.
I think it is safe to say that we have plateaued and reached a point of diminishing returns.  

Not only is this on content for a new console release, but also graphically.  I could be here all day categorizing what they should have changed or how to have done things differently, but then again I don’t know why they might not have been able to do that the first time.  In fact, I was tasked to find on thing to talk about but I can’t just find one thing.  All of it sat uneasily with me despite not expecting much.  I think the thing that hit me hardest though is something I scream at the top of my lungs ANYTIME there is a new console release:

A console is an expensive paper weight unless you got games to play on it.

They claim 15 exclusives to Xbox One in the first year and 8 of them being new IPs.  This is rad but when the only one I care about is from Remedy and nothing else, I kind of shrug it off.  It is like telling me you have 15 cakes you’ll be making this year and one is gonna be vanilla (Forza) and the other Confetti (Quantum Break).  Confetti seems different than what you are obviously expecting but you know nothing about the other mystery cakes. No clues, no hints, no nothing.  Why should I care?

Exclusives games to a new console should be the boat you set your console out to sail on, not apps or gimmicks.  

When I look at a new console I want games that have me excited and ready to throw down hundreds of my hard-earned dollars.  I don’t want to see how Call of Duty is totally new despite it still being the exact same game.  I also don’t care about another racing game or sports game that zooms in on details that you will never notice in the actual gameplay.

The only thing to catch my attention was Quantum Break.  The obvious reason for that was because Remedy is behind it and I’ve got a soft spot for them. Fanboy aside, that really showed nothing to get too amped over.  That boat smashing through a bridge was pretty awesome looking, so I wanna know what this whole time thing is.

I also can’t confirm, but Halo is going to appear at some point.  Why would they announced a TV series if a Halo 5 is not right around the corner?  Most likely, it will be at E3 in just a few days.

With all that in mind: Call of Duty, Sports Games and Racing games are staples for ANY console launch.  Show me a time after the original Playstation that did not have either a sports game or racing game showing off their tech?  I just think that with Sony being able to show off more games then Microsoft at their announcement will prove detrimental to Microsoft.  I want the system that has interesting games from the get go and not another first year of PS3 or PSVita.

Heck for all I know I might get a new Fusion Frenzy or Brute Force.  I would be more psyched for those then anything they mentioned today.

Let those memories wash back…

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