Xbox One: No More DRM?

After reading about Xbox One removing DRM, I had to post something about and also get my opinion and others opinions out there as well
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Yes it was made official yesterday that the Xbox One will no longer require a daily check in on the severs and also that games will be played as they do on the 360 [thank god], but for some people, it’s still not enough for them to switch back to the One from the PS4.

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Now that Microsoft has made these changes, do you think they will make anymore to try to get more supporters back? It was also said that Microsoft got in trouble for the “always-on Kinect” because it creates privacy problems [oh yeah NOW the Government cares about our privacy, I guess they don’t like it when other companies take their jobs].

Does anyone remember reading the book “1984” recently and thinking “huh, I think the people at Microsoft REALLY liked that book”. If Microsoft does change anything else, what do YOU want to see them change before they release the One?

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