Xbox One might not be the last console from Microsoft, says Xbox head.

Xbox One not the last Microsoft console (most likely), says exec

Xbox One might not be the last console from Microsoft, says Xbox head.

The Xbox One may not be the final console from Microsoft, according to Microsoft’s Xbox division head, Phil Spencer. This statement came in reply to a question about the future of Xbox consoles in light of smart, all-in-one devices that seek to displace consoles.

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“No, I fully expect that you’ll see another console from us […] Our best customers are Xbox console customers, and I want to keep those people engaged both on the Xbox One and anything we might do in the future. I’m 100 percent committed to that.”

“I don’t want to dilute what the Xbox console customer feels. I want to expand what we’re able to do for more customers.”

–Phil Spencer to The Verge

The Verge also spoke Shanon Loftis, another Xbox executive, about the future of the company. One of the goals of Microsoft, according to Loftis, is to make gaming more inclusive across the board.

Loftis also said that the company is exploring different ways to make all of their experiences relevant across all platforms — which means even though the games that have been announced so far are controller-centric, future games from Microsoft may be less focused on the controllers.

With the release of the new Xbox app on Windows 10, Microsoft has marked the beginning of merging of the two independent divisions of the company. Spencer said:

“As we embrace [Windows users] as an active part of the Xbox community, it opens up opportunities for our first-party games.”

He goes on to call Xbox’s proximity to Windows 10 “beachfront property.”

Of course with the big ‘likely’ attached to the news, it is more of a rumor than an announcement, and hence we might have to wait years just to know what’s next. 

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