Xbox One Will Remove Staple Accessory?

Xbox One will not include a headset in the "Day One Edition" which launches later this year.

Xbox One will not include a headset in the "Day One Edition" which launches later this year.

Two weeks after E3 and we are finally getting details on the new Xbox One.  New details have arrived about the “Day One Edition” of the Xbox One and what it will have in the package when it launches later this year.  However, gamers opening up their shiny new consoles might be surprised by the accessories, or lack thereof. According to official Microsoft press releases, the new system will not be shipping with a headset.

This is surprising since nearly every Xbox 360 sold to date has come with a headset; why would the Xbox One not come with a headset also? How are we supposed to yell at those annoying kids on Call of Duty? How are the annoying kids supposed to yell “your mom” at us?

Microsoft anticipated these burning questions and have released this statement:

“Xbox One does not include a pack in headset accessory. Each Xbox One includes the new Kinect sensor with a highly sensitive multi array microphone designed to enable voice inputs in chat as a system level capability both in game and with Skype and other experiences.”

So it looks like the Kinect, which has already stirred up a lot of controversy with its always listening structure, will be serving as the mic to chat with your friends as well as your Skype webcam.  Perhaps this is a move by Microsoft to force people into trying out the new Kinect or a quick money grab, since it will still sell the headset separately for a price that has not been revealed.

So how do you feel about this? Would you rather have a headset like before or do you think the Kinect solution is fine? Comment Below!

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