Xbox One Won’t Stream to Twitch Until 2014

Xbox streaming to Twitch delayed till 2014.

News out of the Microsoft camp this morning is not good. The One’s streaming service to has been delayed to the first part of 2014. According to Microsoft representatives:

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“We are working to make sure the initial Twitch on Xbox One broadcasting experience meets the expectations of the Twitch community.”

With Twitch being flooded with new PlayStation 4 streams, as well as many articles published about what isn’t working (such as streams not being archived), or what features have not been implemented, it is curious as to what is delaying the One’s broadcasting ability.

The ability to broadcast gameplay is different from watching the app. So while broadcasting ability is delayed, users can still access Twitch to view other’s streams.

Microsoft intends on releasing information as soon as the broadcasting is ready, but estimates at the moment are not until the first part of 2014. With less than 3 days counting down to Xbox One’s American release on Friday, this news could be a devastating blow for those who pre-ordered and possibly could dent sales for those who have not pre-ordered but was going to camp out in the hopes of receiving the new console.

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