XBOX One – Xbox Live Friends List To Be Expanded To 1,000 Slots

Xbox Live to increase friends list limit to 1,000!!

Sending a friend request via Xbox Live is, to most gamers, the start of an online friendship. The problem being, and will remain until the Xbox One is released, is that each Gamertag associated with Xbox Live only has 100 friend slots available!

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Don’t fear, as soon as the new Xbox Live is released, every user’s friends list limit will be boosted to 1,000! Yes, three zeros after the one!

Both XboxUK and Xbox Support confirmed the wonderful news.

I almost didn’t believe that my wish that I have been wishing for years will finally be coming true! This huge increase might come as Microsoft announced that they are going to have over 300,000 server to support Xbox Live.

Either way I have to think about how I am going to fill up all 1,000 friend lists spots.

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