Xbox One’s Used Game Policy Could Be A Good Thing

This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

This new policy Xbox is giving to its gamers is very beneficial to the gaming console industry.

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I mean, everyone sees how terrible the music industry has become with people getting free downloads of any song they want. Now while purchasing used games still isn’t free, most of the money from it doesn’t go to the company that made the game in the first place.

Now, I’ve definitely bought my share of pre-owned games and have sold mine to GameStop or just left them over at some friend’s house (usually on purpose). Xbox is ahead of its time in my opinion. PC games require a certain code for someone to play and Xbox is bringing that to console. It’s just gamers weren’t ready for it and I think all the ones who complain about it are either cheap or don’t care enough about gaming to be playing anyway.

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