Xbox Series X owners will have a huge library of games at their disposal at launch.

Xbox Series X to Have Backwards Compatibility at Launch

Xbox Series X owners will have a huge library of games at their disposal at launch.
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Good news for anyone enjoying Xbox One X games: the Xbox Series X will be able to play them all as soon as it launches. That means Series X players already have access to a huge library of titles even if they don’t pick up any new games when the next gen system launches late next year. 

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Series X backwards compatibility was confirmed by Head of Xbox Phil Spencer in an interview with Gamespot, where he said:

We wanted to make sure we had that, day one, we could deliver on the compatibility promise, and so I’ve been playing quite a few [Xbox 360] games on my [Xbox Series X] and Xbox One games on the [Xbox Series X] and that’s just to ensure that we can be there day one.

Microsoft has been the undisputed victor of this generation’s backwards compatibility wars, so it’s no surprise to see the company doubling down on the functionality to make sure they keep fans happy.

Because of how the games work nowadays, Series X users will also be able to transfer over their Gamerscore, friends list, and even game saves to the Xbox Series X. It’s important to have this all set up at some point, but launching with all of it means that Microsoft will come into the next generation swinging.

The Xbox Series X was officially revealed during last week’s Game Awards. For more on Xbox One backwards compatibility, head over to our full list of backwards compatible Xbox One games.

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