Yore VR Launches in Steam Early Access

Featuring an open world for players to explore and a crafting system to create items, the game is now available to test.

Featuring an open world for players to explore and a crafting system to create items, the game is now available to test.

The wait is over. Yore VR is now available in Steam Early Access. The game is the first production of Tectonic VR, a small indie team that has partnered with Ironbelly Studios — an indie games service provider based in Montreal. Both teams will continue to develop the project, as they gather feedback from the community during the Early Access phase.

Yore VR allows players to craft their own towns and immerse themselves in a medieval setting through the HTC Vive. As players progress in the game, new features, weapons, and resources are unlocked, in order to perform more advanced Blacksmithing and crafting.

The early access version of the game features:

  • Open World Design: A 1kmx1km area for players to explore, as they encounter a dazzling scenery, including rivers, lakes and wildlife.
  • Blacksmithing: The system will allow players to create a variety of items and weapons. During early access, the player can only build swords. The specifications of the item will depend on the player’s skills during the process, that will feature a semi-realistic blacksmithing simulation.
  • Practice Forge: Players will find 44 different components, blades, hilts, crossguards and pommels with thousands of possible crafting combinations that can suit the style of each player. Items will vary from 4-5 different levels.
  • Player Progression and Town Building: Players unlock weapons and buildings after gathering enough resources and gold, in whichever order they wish. Once players reach the ability to develop buildings, those can be upgraded, adding new features and benefits to their town.

According to the developers’ page on Steam, the plan is to keep the game in Early Access for 12-16 months, and the goal is to release its final version in late 2017. This version will include:

  • Hunting and fishing systems 
  • Dozens more medieval weapons, both ranged and melee 
  • Much more in depth crafting – small objects all the way up to base building 
  • Much more in depth resource gathering 
  • Expanded open world 
  • Dungeons to explore 
  • Combat with monsters and enemies 
  • PVP and Multiplayer 
  • New tavern mini-games 
  • Herbs and alchemy 
  • Gardening and farming

During the Early Access stage, Tectonic VR invites its fans to participate. On the game’s Steam page, the team says:

“Our goal, first and foremost is to let the community drive our development process too. While it might not be possible to incorporate every piece of feedback we receive, we are excited to participate in larger conversations about open world VR games and what our players want.”

For more information, footage and comments from the developers, visit the game’s website.

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