Yoshi’s Woolly World unravels this Friday!

Yoshi Woolly World releases this Friday. Comes with exclusive Amiibo.

Yoshi Woolly World releases this Friday. Comes with exclusive Amiibo.

Nintendos’s green beast returns for a yarn filled-adventure this Friday. Yoshi stars in the upcoming Wii U title Yoshi’s Woolly World, where he and the rest of the world has been yarn-ified!

The evil wizard Kamek used his magic to morph the world into knitted fabric and textures. He uses his new power scatter Yoshis across the map. Two brave Yoshis pursue Kamek to save their friends and the world!

Yoshi will use his new yarn abilities to get through the fabric and yarn levels. He no longer lays eggs, but instead produces yarn balls. These balls will have many uses to progress the level and defeat enemies.

The yarn stages have been handcrafted and offer a challenge, even for veteran players. There are many cool collectibles for players to pursue in each level. But even young and new players should also find the game accessible. Old and new fans alike can come together and enjoy this new adventure.

For the first time in a Yoshi title, both co-op and amiibo support will be available. Players can bring a friend along to tackle the new levels together. When a new or classic amiibo is used, it will call a supporter to aid Yoshi in-game.

Game comes packaged with a yarn Yoshi amiibo. Or for a reduced price, you may buy them separately.

The game released earlier this year in Europe and Asia, and will release in North America on Friday, October 16th.

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