Yoshi’s Wooly World at Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event

Yoshi's Wooly World coming early next year!

Yoshi is a beloved character in all of our hearts almost as much as Mario himself. Yoshi’s Wooly World is the newest title coming from Nintendo featuring the lovable character. 

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Nintendo showed gameplay footage at their Digital Event at E3 today along with so many other titles that might just sway you to buy a Wii U if you’ve held out like many have. The levels and characters as plush yarn characters really adds a lot of charm to the Yoshi character and makes it fun an exciting. 


Yoshi’s Wooly World takes the underlying concept of many of the Yoshi games and puts a new twist on it. The game is the first Yoshi game that allows two players on the same screen, so you can work with your pals in the two player co-op to complete levels and collect more rewards and reach areas of the levels you couldn’t previously get to as one player. 

Yoshi’s Wooly World comes out for the Wii U sometimes in 2015. Does this title sway you to buy a Wii U? Tell us below! 

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