Yoshi’s Wooly World Gets More Details and Screenshots

A new batch screenshots and details have been released for Yoshi's Wooly World!

A new batch screenshots and details have been released for Yoshi's Wooly World!
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The adorable yarn styled Yoshi game has yet to be given a solid release date for the US, though it is expected sometime around the release of the European version on June 26th. Luckily, Nintendo has been providing a constant supply of details and images to unravel some of the mystery surrounding Yoshi’s latest adventure, all of which can be seen below. 


  • Enemies are defeated by first being bound in wool and then jumped upon
  • Shy Guy, Nipper Plant, Lakitu, and Gusty enemies will make an appearance
  • Yoshi has a traditional health bar and takes damage from running into enemies and hazards


  • Hearts– that have a distinct resemblance to the jumping star collectables from previous Yoshi games are used for healing
  • Balls of Wool– Instead of turning enemies into eggs, they are turned into balls of wool which operate similar to how eggs did in previous games. They can be used to bind larger enemies made of materials other than wool, create warp pipes, boxes, platforms, and many other parts of the world to help Yoshi progress through stages. 
  • Flowers- collect 5 flowers within a stage to achieve 100% and access a mini-game to win more Beads
  • Beads- the generic currency, used to buy special badges that can assist you in a level
  • Stamp Patches- used to unlock Stamps to use on Miiverse once a certain amount have been collected
  • Wonder Wools- there are 3 wonder wools in each level. Collecting all of them within a world will unlock a new Yoshi design to use throughout any and every level. Designs range from Flower Yoshi and Circus Yoshi to one that’s based upon the Shy Guy enemy


  • Yoshi can transform into an umbrella, a mole, a giant version of himself, and a motorbike 
  • Transformations are used in challenges throughout the stages in which players have to reach a certain goal before the time runs out. If incomplete, the player can try the challenge again from the start


  • Mellow Mode allows players to control Winged Yoshi,whose Flutter Jump is replaced by the ability to float at Yoshi’s current height indefinitely
  • Enemies are easier, but players still take damage
  • You can have a friend join in the fun as a second Yoshi in multiplayer. Should players run out of balls of wool, one Yoshi can be used as a short-range substitute.


This is the first Yoshi game to be released for a home console since N64’s Yoshi Story, which was greatly ridiculed for targeting young children and being too easy. In contrast from its predecessor, the challenging Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island and other games in the series, Yoshi’s Story  excluded the protect-the-baby mechanic and largely focused on collectables.

Though this seems to be true for Yoshi’s Wooly World, the game has re-introduced mechanics from the baby-based games such as transformations and egg wool ball throwing along with a slew of new features inspired by the yarn aesthetic. This, and the inclusion of the alternative Mellow Mode gives hope that Yoshi’s Wooly World will provide the challenge fans have been asking for.

Are you excited for the adorable new game? Are you worried it will follow in Yoshi Story’s footsteps and be too easy? Let us know in the comments below. 

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