First 2 Bioshock and Borderlands games added to PS Now Library. PS teases more news this weekend.

You can play Borderlands and Bioshock Games on PlayStation Now

First 2 Bioshock and Borderlands games added to PS Now Library. PS teases more news this weekend.
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PlayStation Now allows fans to have access to multiple titles (and some of their favorite games) on the latest Sony PlayStation devices through a subscription to an online library. The latest additions this month are games from the BioShock and Borderlands series.

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While BioShock Infinite was already in the online library, the subscription service has made the following games available in addition to that:

  • Borderlands – Play as a mercenary on the desolate planet Pandora, collecting powerful alien technology known as The Vault in this modern shooter experience.

  • Borderlands 2 – Play as one of four types of Vault Hunters in various skill classes as you fight through worlds of creatures and ultimately the dashing evil mastermind, Handsome Jack. Arm yourself and friends with weapons as you fight your way through the treasures and terrors of Pandora.

  • BioShock – This first-person story features the discovery of what lay in the wastes of the underwater city of Rapture. Fight intelligent enemies and question your morals in this exciting dystopian world.
  • BioShock 2 – Something has been snatching young children and bringing them back to Rapture. Play as the Big Daddy and travel through the fallen city to chase an unseen foe while searching for answers.

The PlayStation Now Subscription experience offers access to 250 PlayStation-compatible titles and counting. New titles are added to the library every month. You can play them across devices like the PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PSTV, Sony TVs, Samsung TVs, and Blu-Ray players. 

PlayStation has teased special news this weekend from their PlayStation Experience 2015 booth regarding more information following this addition of 2K games to the subscription service.

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