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Dragon's Prophet like any MMO is constantly changing with new updates and events
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A month of leaves changing, cooler weather, and of course Halloween is on the eve. With it, many changes and events to Sony Online Entertainment’s and RuneWaker’s Dragon’s Prophet. Are you a consumer of all things fantasy? Do you believe games are #BetterWithDragons? Whether you are an avid player or just someone wondering about the happenings in Auratia, this column is here for you.

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Ye Ol’ Dragon Harrowing

First up, Halloween is an event that seems to always transcend the division between real and virtual and Dragon’s Prophet is no exception. The holiday season is upon Auratia, and here are just some of the cool items and events you can participate in.

Dragon’s Prophet launched its first “Harrowing” with a multitude of holiday themed items for purchase in the marketplace, while gifting special daily log in items for what they deemed the “15 days of spooky nights.” A long with the ghastly items and the haunting rewards is a set of Halloween themed quests and events. Everyone likes hunting zombies with dragon’s, don’t they? Pop in game to check them out before they are gone.

If Lore Be Your Thing

In continuing the October theme, Sony Online Entertainment has been releasing background info regarding some evil monsters that are sure to mess up your picnicking plans. 

       The Shax                  Methus the Red Flame          Kronos the Devourer

To start, the Shax, as you might be able to tell, is not a Dragon. Now, don’t get all pick on me saying, “but this is Dragons Prophet!” Trust me, this is one monster you do not want to encounter alone. The Shax are heralds of the Devourer, Kronos. These creatures are the ultimate alchemists, but they aren’t used to turn dirt into gold, these creatures are a bit more sinister as they spread plague and disease.

Next on the list is Methus the Red Flame; this deadly dragon story revolves around the search for power and a lack of common sense. During an early period of terror and fighting, Methus was tricked by the black dragon Kronos. Methus released the Devourer in an attempt to gain ultimate power, but in the end was destroyed by its own greed. A lesson to you trick or treaters out there whose eyes are too big for your stomachs!

The last and possibly most sinister of these monsters is Kronos, the destroyer of worlds. Kronos, was one of the earliest dragons and an advisor to the first dragon, Morgath. To the tune of old myth, Kronos slowly began to turn into what prophecy destined to be the Devourer.

 If you enjoy any of these tidbits then be sure to click the links above for the full lore on these deadly desires.

Wait, did you say dragons?

Pictured above is just a glimpse of the October 11th in-game event: The Royal Dragon Procession. This parade of players and their collections brought the best aqua dragons out on parade to honor the Dragon God known as Izamu, the Relentless Tide. This community event was also featured on the weekly Scales and Tales live stream that Sony Online puts out every Thursday. 

PVP, Game Updates, and More

With the launch of Dragon’s Prophet just a month ago came one of its most anticipated features, the Frontier System. The Frontier System allows guilds and groups of players to build alliances and take over ownership of the Frontier islands. These islands are not just instances of lands, but actual player communities filled with housing creations and outposts. PVP is enabled on these islands most of the time, but every now and then the territory will enable a Territory War, an all out battle for control.

These wars allow player Alliances to fight for control over the islands. Those in charge can set taxes, set up defenses, and rule over their citizenry. To initiate the war, the destruction of the Crystal Tower must commence (currently only possible by SOE itself). Afterwards,  the objectives begin. Alliances can gain capture points by capturing enemy outposts, gathering resources, and over taking the citadel. There are many other items and abilities that influence the war and add for extra fun. For a full write-up of the Frontier System and the details within check out the Dragon’s Prophet forums

On the subject of updates, this month’s patches have mostly been associated with the holiday events and bug fixes. Some of the major fixes this month were a change in the attribute transfer system, a revamp of the party window, fixes to mounted combat, a few other minor fixes. Here are the full patch notes for this month’s patches: October 17th, October 24th, October 30th

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Until next time, Dragon Tamer Chuina signing off.

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