YouTube Announces Platform to Rival Twitch

YouTube announced 'YouTube Gaming', a website and app to rival Twitch.

YouTube announced 'YouTube Gaming', a website and app to rival Twitch.

YouTube announced today its plans to compete head-to-head with Twitch in the video game streaming market.

With the original title of ‘YouTube Gaming’, it’ll have dedicated pages for ‘over 25,000 games’ with content creators and video game publishers able to feature content.

Like Twitch, you can subscribe to your favorite broadcasters and specific games. It will also show you recommendations based on your current subscriptions, just like traditional YouTube.

YouTube Product Manager Alan Joyce wrote in a blog post:

“…it’s an improved live experience that makes it simpler to broadcast your gameplay to YouTube. On top of existing features like high frame rate streaming at 60fps, DVR, and automatically converting your stream into a YouTube video, we’re redesigning our system so that you no longer need to schedule a live event ahead of time. We’re also creating [a] single link you can share for all your streams.”

They’ve explained just how it’ll be tailored to gaming too:

“…when you want something specific, you can search with confidence, knowing that typing ‘call’ will show you ‘Call of Duty’ and not ‘Call Me Maybe’.”

YouTube Gaming has been rumored for a while, after an anonymous source said they were planning on re-launching YouTube Live back in March. YouTube Gaming is expected to go live this summer. It will also have an upcoming app.

Twitch didn’t refrain from voicing their opinion, either. Play nice, fellas.

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