YouTube Video Demonstrates Splatoon VR Mod

A YouTube video demonstrates a mod of Nintendo's Splatoon that is played with a VR headset and modded water gun.

With virtual reality starting to become more and more accessible to gamers, it’s no wonder that proficient modders are taking popular games and giving them the VR treatment. The newest game to get a virtual facelift is Nintendo’s ink-blasting hit, Splatoon.

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A recent video on YouTube demonstrates a fully VR-capable version Splatoon. Utilizing PlayStation’s HMD headset, a modded water gun, and a Wii U gamepad strapped to their back, the video shows a female player inking her way through a (virtually) regular match of Splatoon. 

This is yet another development in what seems like a snowballing trend of porting popular current-gen games into VR — something that most gamers didn’t imagine was possible with the current technology. Only a few years ago, it seemed that VR could take much longer to gain ground in gaming history, but very soon VR will become a new mainstream form of play for gamers everywhere. And this year’s E3 made that very clear.

Big-name developers like Sony and Bethesda discussed at length their future with VR, and Microsoft teased the upcoming Scorpio’s VR abilities. Sony is slated to release around 50 VR compatible games on their own headset, and Bethesda claimed that some of their most popular games, like Fallout 4 and Doom, will be fully VR capable by 2017. 

It has even been speculated that Nintendo themselves may be delaying their latest hardware console, the mysterious NX, to include VR capabilities, especially since the VR trend is only growing. Could Splatoon eventually see a real VR port when the NX finally arrives? Only time will tell. 


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