YouTuber Launches “Gaming is Amazin'” Video Series for Charity

YouTuber TerraMantis launches charity campaign for St Jude's Research Hospital .
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YouTuber TerraMantis has launched a charity campaign featuring various YouTube, and streaming, personalities playing popular games together. The first in the “Gaming is Amazin'” video series, features DaveControl, Lobos Jr, Oroboro The Ninja, and Iron Pineapple, playing Dark Souls 3 in a fashion reminiscent of the acclaimed Hunger Games books and movies.

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In the first video of the series, called “Hungry Games”, four players start off with no equipment and must chug all of their “Estus Flasks”, whilst the gamehost drops random items like weapons and consumables, but also sometimes just dung is dropped. The winner of each round is the one who survives the mayhem.

The goal of the charity campaign is to raise money for St Jude’s Research Hospital, they focus on expanding the research of treatments for children with life-threatening ailments such as cancer. Donations are being accepted over at Challeng, which raises funds for different “Challengs” in a Kickstarter style.

Donating amounts from $10 up to $500, offers different rewards to donors, like the chance for a steam code for Dark Souls 3, or the opportunity to choose gameplay aspects for upcoming videos in the series.

So far, the charity has raised $2,669 dollars, with the first goal having been met the first day of the campaign. Each additional $1,000 dollars raised will allow TerraMantis to produce another “Gaming is Amazin'” video.

However, only 60% of the money raised will go directly to St Jude’s.

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