What new features and updates can we expect from GameMaker Studio 2? Let's talk about that.

YoYo Games Announces GameMaker Studio 2

What new features and updates can we expect from GameMaker Studio 2? Let's talk about that.
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For those who missed the announcement earlier today, the team over at YoYo Games have announced the release of the latest installment in the GameMaker: Studio series of engines — GameMaker Studio 2. 

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So what does the new engine have in store for us? Well for starters, the engine itself has been rebuilt from the floor up and is sporting a newer, more intuitive UI. The list of new features also includes:

  • Multiple workspaces to keep your workflow clean and allow you to work easily across multiple monitors
  • Custom docking and a chain view system so that you can layout your workspace how you want and easily navigate between resources
  • A better sound mixer system 
  • An upgraded debugger 
  • Git Integration to easily backup projects and make remote team projects easier to work on
  • Backwards compatibility with the previous version of GameMaker Studio allowing you to quickly import previous games to make use of all the new features

Currently, the beta test is a first come first serve and offers a limited set off tools until the product ships in its entirety. You can more easily track the beta availability by following their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you’d like to know more in-depth about the new features and abilities of the GameMaker Studio 2 engine here is a video from Heartbeast Studio’s Benjamin Anderson, whom I’ve mentioned in a previous article about game dev engines.

What feature looks the most promising to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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