YoYo Games Launches Six Titles in Chrome Web Store

Check out these six YoYo Games now available at the Google Chrome Web Store!

Check out these six YoYo Games now available at the Google Chrome Web Store!

For those of you who do not know, YoYo Games is a publishing company based in Dundee, Scotland. Some of their games include Karoshi, Teka Teki, and Simply Solitaire, among other titles. Yesterday, YoYo Games announced that they have published six games as Google Chrome Apps. These six titles are now available at the Chrome Web Store for $0.99 USD. Chrome apps are available for users on Windows and Chrome OS with OS X support. 

Here are the six games YoYo games launched yesterday in the Google Chrome Web store:

1. Froad

Froad is a family-friendly game with a cute frog/toad character. Players need to help Froad catch bugs and avoid the bees. The game has more than 60 achievements to unlock and has six leader boards. 

2. Simply Poker Squares

 Simply Poker Squares is an addictive solitaire game where you build as many poker hands as you can on a 5×5 grid from a deck of 25 cards.

3. Rick O’Shea

Rick O’Shea is a human cannonball who performs stunts for a crowd. Players have to guide Rick in order to steer him away from dangers like timed spikes and shark pools. 

4. Skydiver Drop Zone

 Skydiver Drop Zone is the sequel to Skydiver Mach II. This is a split-second reaction game that will be sure to test your nerves!

5. Super Snake

Super Snake is a modern take on the classic game. There are snakes and chickens and you need to help your snake grow. There are 100 levels to go through, so have fun!

6. They need to be Fed


They need to be Fed features more than 80 levels to complete and has over 36 achievements to unlock. There are 11 crazy worlds where you need to avoid dangers and collect diamonds. 

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