A new Zelda title announced at Nintendo's digital event at E3 today.

Zelda: Triforce Heroes Announced at E3

A new Zelda title announced at Nintendo's digital event at E3 today.
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At their Digital event, Nintendo announced a new Zelda title: Triforce Heroes for the Nintendo 3DS this upcoming fall. This game seems to be a blend of

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This game seems to be a blend of A Link Between Worlds and Four Swords Adventures.

From what was discussed during Nintendo’s digital event, this game encourages multiplayer co-op, which is always a fun idea for a video game. However, if a person wants to go solo, it seems that the two Links will become a type of “rented doll,” that can be moved by the player in order to solve various puzzles in the dungeons. These dolls, or the two other players if you choose to play co-op, will be important due to the “totem” mechanic that seems to be very integral to the game itself.

The “totem” technique seems to consist of all three Links getting on each other’s shoulders in order to get far away objects, like keys. How often this technique is going to have to be used has yet to be revealed. Still it is important as the amount where the “Totem” style is required could damage the single player experience of the story. It also seems that teamwork might be required to defeat bosses and solve puzzles.

totem mechanic in action

Another interesting game concept is the idea of different costumes that give special abilities and powers to the three Links. From the trailer, it seems that each costume comes with an ability that seems to give combat skills (Spin Attack Attire), grant abilities (Big Bomb Outfit) or have random effects (Lucky Loungewear). This is an interesting gameplay choice that is unique and apparently has to do with the “fashion-forward land” that is the setting of the game.  

Link's fancy new duds

It seems that all three Links share the same number of heart containers, rupees, and lives. So clearly the emphasis on teamwork is constantly present. Apparently each dungeon will contain up to three items to be used to complete it, so there seems to be a lot going for this game. One last interesting tidbit is that the three Links each represent a color that represent the triad of Goddesses of the Legend of Zelda universe, I’m curious to see if that is just a cosmetic choice or will have a connection to the story.

What do you think about this game? Does it have potential or seem to be just a so-so spinoff? Leave a comment and as always check out GameSkinny.com for all your E3 and gaming news.

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