Zenith to be Released on PS4, Steam, and PC

Zenith, an ARPG, will be released on PS4, Steam, and PC with digital and boxed editions.

BadLand Games’ and Infinigon’s action RPG Zenith is launching soon as both a digital download (Steam and PS4) and a physical boxed edition (PS4 and PC) The boxed edition will include a developer art book and a double-sided poster of the Map of Fulgur.

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Players will play as Argus, a wizard in his thirties who must protect a powerful artifact from self-entitled heroes full of angst and wielding giant swords. Argus was an adventurer himself, and now he wants to hang up magical objects for a life of peace and stability. But new heroes are raising up. Each one wants to save the world and have glory of their own, so they aim to find an insanely powerful, and dangerous artifact. Argus’ last job is to stop them.

Argus can equip six elements—Boots, Belt, Tunic, Bracers, Ring, and Pendent—to modify his attributes for different situations. There are over 100 items throughout the world to aid him on his quest. Players will conquer dungeons, solve puzzles and defeat new heroes in real-time combat.

Pre-Order information is available on the game’s site.

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