Zeno Clash 2 PC Release Scheduled For This Month

The PC version of Zeno Clash 2 is on the way. Console users will have to wait, at least for a bit.

ACE Team’s surreal first-person brawler has a PC release date, so mark your calendars! Zeno Clash 2 will be available on Steam starting on April 30 at a cool $19.99 price. Preordering the game via Steam will net you 10% off the price as well as a free copy of the first Zeno Clash for those of you yet to experience the original title.

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There are two other options aside from the standard $19.99 purchase if you’re looking to get into some multiplayer with friends or just want cool stuff. The Deluxe Edition costs $29.99 and comes with a digital art book and soundtrack, while the Two Pack option gives you and a friend a copy of Zeno Clash 2 for $29.99.

The Steam page claims the title will provide a “truly unique experience”. I’m inclined to believe them considering the unique setting, first-person punching action, and toted drop-in/drop-out multiplayer. The first game’s setting and direction was unique enough, and I can’t help but wonder if Zeno Clash 2 will be able to top it.

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