Kratos Reborn! God of War 3 Remastered Review

Review on God of War 3 Remastered!

Earlier this week, God of War 3 Remastered was released for PlayStation 4. I know what everyone is thinking, we already played GoW 3. This time it is different, not by much but still different. 

New Look, Same Kratos

God of War 3 was an instant hit on PlayStation 3 back in 2010, It marked the end of the console trilogy and was the end to the story of Kratos the fallen demigod of war. The story was intense and picked up instantly where GoW 2 left off with Kratos and the Titans climbing mount Olympus to destroy the Gods. 

The original game looked amazing and had a great plot. Although the issue with the fixed camera was a bit annoying, it was overall a great game and considered a PlayStation 3 classic. In the remastered edition, all that changes is the resolution. Now it runs 60 FPS which makes everything look amazing and runs more smoothly. No more clunky or pixellated character models or scenery. If you thought Kratos looked cool before on PlayStation 3, he looks even better now!  

As far as gameplay goes, all the original mechanics are in place. No new tweaks were added to the core game. With the new 60 FPS in effect, the switch between weapons is more fluid and doesn't have that slight millisecond lag that the original game had. The gore from killing enemies is more vibrant and as is Kratos himself.

The blood that gets showered on you while killing an enemy is more realistic. One example is the fight with Helios, the God of the Sun, while the fight is very brief, Kratos kills him (mercilessly of course) by tearing his head off and using it as a light source. The scene where Helios' head is ripped off, is much more graphic as the new higher resolution makes it all the more real looking as the blood drips from his head as do the veins in his neck.

Kratos' armor is more polished and sleek-looking. His expressions and movements are more realistic and smoother than before giving him a less rigid feel when running around and slaughtering things. With better lighting and better environment (looks) upgrades, God of War 3 looks like a brand new game even though we have all played it before. The Depths of Hades level looks stunning as the dark and shadowy tones carry over well to give you more of a ominous and dark feel to it.


Overall nothing has changed in plot and gameplay with this remastered game. The only change is to the look of the game. An extra God to fight would have been awesome to add in for the jump to PlayStation 4 but alas that isn't the case here. God of War 3 Remastered gets a solid 8/10. Great game on PlayStation 3 and just as great on PlayStation 4.

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Review on God of War 3 Remastered!
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Published Jul. 17th 2015

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