See Netflix’s Geralt in Action in The Witcher Official Trailer

Get a good look at what to expect from Netflix's The Witcher series with the official witcherlicious trailer.

Earlier today, Netflix released the first official trailer for The Witcher series, emphasizing the main theme from the show's initial poster: how do you know what a real monster looks like?

It's a dense trailer, too, packing a substantial overview of what to expect in just under two and a half minutes. Epic battle scenes and tense monster fights in the woods give way to fraught conversations with (probably) deadly sorceresses. Surrounding all this is Geralt's continuous internal struggle with his place in the world and whether he should give in and be the monster everyone thinks he is.

Die-hard fans of The Witcher games will probably, once again, notice some definite differences between what's going on in the trailer and what they know from the massive, open-world RPGs. However, Netflix again reminds viewers that the show is based on the lengthy book series, which is often quite different from the games.

And yes, Geralt's rear end makes a return from that poster as well, actually as the first image of the witcher shown in the trailer, even before the now-famous hot-tub scene. Glorious Witcher booty. 

The Witcher on Netflix is set to air on December 20, 2019. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information on the series as it develops. 


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Published Oct. 31st 2019

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