Bulletstorm 2? People Can Fly leave Epic Games

People Can Fly have broken off from Epic Games and have announced they're working on a new project.

Bulletstorm, the over the top, toilet humor filled, blockbuster shooter was developed by People Can Fly; a Polish studio that were then bought out by Epic Games, developers of Gears of War and the Unreal Engine.

People Can Fly then became Epic Games Poland, however they've announced today that they've returned to their original name, People Can Fly (they missed a trick not being called People Can Fly Again).

The studio are still working with Epic Games on Unreal Engine 4 and the upcoming Fortnite, however they've confirmed they're also working on their own 'entirely new' unannounced project. Bulletstorm 2? Yes please!

Despite Bulletstorm being published by EA, PCF have themselves listed as the developer and owners of the IP on the Bulletstorm website, indicating they're able to pursue a sequel if they wished.

A statement on their blog read:

“We, as a People Can Fly team, are extremely excited about new possibilities ahead of us,” said Wojciechowski. “We’re going to work on a new game, while continuing to partner with Epic and use UE4. We’re grateful to Tim and the whole Epic team for our long and successful collaboration.”

Cliff Bleszinski, currently of Boss Key Productions but formerly the Lead Designer at Epic Games, had this to say about the news.

It's always a possibility that PCF have decided to create a brand new IP and let Bulletstorm be the standalone great that it was, but we can hope can't we?

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Published Jun. 24th 2015
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    I might finally have to back a Kickstarter campaign...
  • Matt Amenda
    Featured Contributor
    Hell, I sure hope so. I loved that game. And please put in local co-op this time!

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