More Terraria 1.2 Goodness - Screenshots and Spoilers, Oh My!

The waiting is the hardest part.

We're getting more and more Terraria 1.2 spoilers as the update's release date edges ever closer. We've gotten a look at The Crimson thanks to the new Steam trading cards and whole chunk of spoilers during a fan stream just recently. What more is in store before the 1.2 patch is deployed?

Redigit handed out three new screenshots late last week and dropped some new spoilers in IRC while he was at it. Terraria Online forum user Diablodoc documented the information given and Cenx so kindly put it all up in a single forum post.

You should check out the link above to get every little piece of information Redigit gave last week, but here are the larger Terraria 1.2-specific spoilers:

  • Player and world limit increased to 1000
  • Chests can hold double what they do now
  • Inventory has been expanded by one line
  • Items stack up to 999
  • Several new backgrounds added to the world generation pool
  • The ice biome is an alternative to the simple underground biome, and is slightly more difficult with better drops
  • Entrance to jungle dungeons must be earned, but they have no guardians
  • There are new biomes in 1.2 we have yet to see
  • 600 to 700 new items have been added; this is an odd number considering Redigit claimed there were over 1,000 items added to the game two months ago. I'm inclined to believe the lower number in this instance.
  • There are approximately 100 dyes and paints of 12 varying base colors
  • New ways to fight the corruption are being added to hardmode
  • Automatic digging being brought from the console version of the game to the PC

The above is not all there is to know! Do check out Cenx's forum post for more information.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's take a look at the new screenshots bestowed unto us:

That last screenshot is not The Crimson, but is worthy of including with the other three.

Forum user Smiffy took it upon himself to highlight all of the spoilers found in the third screenshot seen above. Such dedication!

With this, I leave you to ponder over the fact that we have 1 to 5 weeks left until Terraria 1.2 is live!

Published Jul. 21st 2013
  • Niall_2561
    Pretty sure Redigit never said he had added 1000 new items, but said that Terraria had reached the 1000 item count after adding all the new ones. The game now contains over 1000 items, including the old and new content.

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