The Missing Pokemon of Pokemon Go

Oh no, catching all the Pokemon in Pokemon Go isn't possible. Find out which ones are missing.

It has recently been revealed that it's technically impossible to catch 'em all in hit mobile game Pokemon Go.

Yes, that unfortunately means budding Pokemon masters everywhere are now unable to accomplish their epic dreams of catching every creature available in Pokemon Go. We are really not kidding -- it doesn't matter how many toilet cubicles you visit in your local restaurant -- these ones just aren't going to be there waiting for your Poke Ball. Local churches, beaches, multi-story car parks, and even that mass of green at your local wood will not hide these pocket monsters.

The Pokemon which are unfortunately excluded from the experience are as follows:

1. Mew

Mew is a Pokemon that never technically was in the original game twenty years ago. Players famously needed to use an exploit in the game to discover this psychic Pokemon, involving several steps in the correct location. In much the same way, barring possible future special events, Mew is currently unavailable in Pokemon Go.

2. Mewtwo

Mewtwo is an experimental Pokemon from the original games some twenty years ago. It was considered the most powerful Pokemon in the original games, even alongside other legendary Pokemon. Again, potentially barring future Pokemon Go events involving rare catches, this one is sadly unavailable.

3. Zapdos

The mighty, lightning-spewing Zapdos, like the aforementioned Pokemon, was only encountered once in a single location in the original games. While flying into thunder clouds -- where the Pokemon apparently commonly dwells within its own natural habitat -- is admirable, but it's not encouraged here. Zapdos simply won't be there, although is apparently going to be available during future special events. Hopefully, health and safety is considered if lightning storms are the only way of future catches.

4. Moltres

Moltres, like Zapdos, is another legendary Pokemon from the original games. Like the aforementioned bird Pokemon, it has a fondness of dwelling within extreme environments. This one really likes volcanos. So, again, you could climb into a volcano -- which we wouldn't advise -- but he's just not gonna be there. Best to wait for future events.

5. Articuno

Articuno is a legendary bird Pokemon, again from the original games, who appreciates hanging out in blizzards on mountain trails and generally hanging around anything particularly icy. Booking a flight to the North Pole could be considered exciting to maximize your chances of sightings in an appropriate environment, but it won't help here. You're gonna have to wait for future events featuring this bird.

6. Ditto

Ditto is a bizarre creature which can transform itself into anything, or obviously, any Pokemon. While this Pokemon isn't technically considered a legendary Pokemon, it is apparently completely unavailable in the game.

There you have it. These were the Pokemon completely unavailable in Pokemon Go. We'll keep you informed if these guys ever show up and if there's ever an event featuring the much-coveted legendaries!

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Published Jun. 29th 2021
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I caught a Dratini the other day and it is #147, so my Pokedex goes up to 147 now. It was 133 when I had just caught up to #133, Eevee. Sooo I think there's at least the first 150 Pokemon in the game for now. Wasn't Mew 150? I bet Mew is in the game already. I would assume not Mewtwo though, which was 151 right?

    Edit: Went and looked, Mewtwo was #150 and Mew is #151. So maybe Pokemon Go currently just has 149? #148 and #149 are the evolutions of Dratini, #147.
  • John Robson
    Featured Contributor
    That is the intriguing and misguiding thing about Go's pokedex, and I found that out myself.

    I believe Mew is technically number 151, as that Pokemon wasn't included in the original game. Because of that, both 150 and 151 have always been numbers frequently interchanged. I just wish they'd properly included Mew in the first place, and this confusion wouldn't be so apparent.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Agreed. But I'm mostly okay with it because now we are all hooked and we all want to see these pokemon and you better believe they'll be added. They are making millions, just being showered in money. I bet they'll make it all the way up to the current number of pokemon within 2 years.
  • John Robson
    Featured Contributor
    Yeah, that is something almost inevitable when they think about ways of keeping the game selling. I guess what they'll inevitably do is add DLC for as long as the interest is there, then go for sequels.
  • Christina_7493
    150-133=17 - yet you are only showing 6 missing?
  • John Robson
    Featured Contributor
    Having looked around at actual records of people recording and mentioning their captured Pokemon, it really is more the number in the article.

    And yes, I'm aware of the pokedex only having 133.
  • Christina_7493
    ok, so have you figured out anymore?
  • John Robson
    Featured Contributor
    Farfetch'd is another one that could be impossible to catch, but I'm genuinely not sure.

    Once someone catches them all, we''l have a better idea.

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