Metroid Prime Trilogy Available January 29, 2015

Metroid Prime available January 29, 2015 on the Wii U Eshop.

The Metroid Prmie Trilogy has been available since 2009 on the Wii. The downfall to this was unforseen by many gamers. The amount of copies produced when the Metroid Prime Trilogy was launch was a small number. This caused prices of the game to stay fairly high. In turn there were a fair amount of gamers that would have enjoyed the trilogy, but didn't get them on one disc.

That problem will be solved for Wii U owners January 29th. Nintendo has announced that the Metroid Prime Trilogy will be available for purchase on that day for $19.99; that is less than $7 a game. 

This trilogy will allow players to relive the beauty of the Prime series. On the off chance that players have not had a chance to play through these Metroid beauties, this will give gamers that opportunity to play through the entire series at one low price.

Although you will not have a physical copy of the game or the fancy steelbook, it beats having to pay these high prices. This series will include Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2, and Metroid Prime 3 in the digital format.

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Published Jan. 14th 2015
  • auther_pendragon
    Wii U. For games we released but forgot to make for the Wii.
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist, all three of these released on the Wii. Did you even read the whole article?
  • auther_pendragon
    The Metroid Trillogy was 'released' but they forgot to make copies of the game to sell.

    I had been keeping an eye out for it since the Wii version was announced but it didn't show up on any online retail site or local stores until 2013. That copy was for $300.
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist, no, maybe in your area, but I remember pretty much every GameStop I went to in my state having at least one copy. Granted, we also got Xenoblades, so apparently Nintendo just didn't disperse them properly.

    Also, dude, Ebay: -- It's running for as cheap as $20. Not to mention the individual games on their own are available for dirt cheap. And don't tell me "it's Ebay, so it can't be safe". They now confirm whether it's a random seller or a certified seller. Certifieds can be reported, and Ebay has a refund policy if what you get is in a bad condition or not what you ordered.

    Where on earth were you searching? Amazon's the only place I know where copies are even near that, and even then, for unopened copies, it's around $90-100 for them, but that's the tin case version as well.

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