Real Life Dark Souls 2 Armor!

Watch this amazing video about the making of a real-life Dark Souls 2 armor!

Namco Bandai has recently created an amazing set of real-life armor and weapons from the game Dark Souls 2 with help from the images by From Software. The armor and weapons were created by Armedia, a forge that has been making weapons and armor for TV shows and movies since 1970. The video details how they made the armor and weapons. It has a dramatic voice over to make it more interesting and help explain what a great game this is!

Making the Armor

Using the images he got from From Software, Stephan, the master blacksmith, starts making the armor. He uses plaster to make the upper body, when the fire reaches 1200 degrees celsius Stephan then brings the hot armor over to a hollow tree trunk to pound the grooves into the chest plate.

To make the shield they use an old boat building technique and Stephan's wife uses stain to give the shield a battle worn look. To make the sword, it must be heated to 850 degrees celsius then quickly dunked in water so it can harden, then he sharpens it and you get a very dangerous weapon! Stephan's wife, who is a skilled costume designer, makes the fabric parts of the outfit. She is able to make the designs and worn-out look with paint.

After finishing off the gauntlets and shoulder pieces, Stephan makes the helmet, but it takes him six weeks to finish! He uses a plasma torch to slice to the steel and a neumatic hammer to flatten the helmet and shape it to his liking. After making the helmet, he makes the chain mail from a machine he built specifically for the job. By using fire and oil he is able to make the finished chain mail with an old/worn look.

When complete the finished armor weighs 20 kilo's, which is roughly 44.0924 pounds, and has taken eight weeks for him to complete. Stephan and his wife did an amazing job; it looks flawless! And don't forget Dark Souls 2 will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC in 2014.

Published Aug. 26th 2013
  • Courtney Gamache
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    This is so amazing! Jesse is going to be impressed when he sees this!! :)

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