Age of Empires II HD - It's Like They Read My Mind

A quick rundown of AOE 2 HD Edition

Age of Empires 2 HD Edition has finally hit Steam and I was totally excited to see it. They have overhauled the game to make it a little more up to date for all those nostalgia players out there. Age of Empires 2 is about to get its learner's permit next year (15 years so it seems like a good time to revamp a classic.

The Upgrades

If you have played any AOE game before, then you need no introduction. If not it is a classic RTS that really solidified the genre for me. The new HD Edition has a wider field of view making play a little easier. They have also took the time out of their day to upgrade the sounds, making battles a little more satisfying. They have also upgraded the water, the textures look really good. The game, of course, has its glitches and problems, but the higher resolution really makes it a worth while play. As far as gameplay goes, not much has changed, but with a classic like this it's good not change too much.

The Multiplayer

The greatest part for fans of the original is the multiplayer. Who doesn't like to build a civilization and destroy your friends? The addition of the Steam Workshop is great. Sharing your creations with friends or downloading theirs is a great addition to the game and the Steam user base makes it so much easier to get a match going. Though the bugs and glitches are a little more prevalent on the multiplayer, it is still a great play.


Overall it is a great game and well worth the time of any gamer, especially for those of us who have played the series before. The bugs are annoying, but they are easy to overlook in a game like this, and the new Steam user base is great for those of us who love the online play.

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A quick rundown of AOE 2 HD Edition

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Published Apr. 30th 2013

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