Roundhouse App from Victory Point Games

Roundhouse, an app reminiscent of "old school arcade brawlers," has been released by Victory Point Games!

Victory Point Games (VPG) recently released a new app for iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Android.The app entitled Roundhouse follows the story of a rockstar as he fights his way through multiple levels of bosses using only his feet. Yes, you read me right. Only his feet. The 2D-Physics action game is inspired by "old school arcade brawlers." Adding to the nostalgia is a fantastic original soundtrack by Cain German.I certainly feel transported when playing it. My thumbs haven't been this sore (or buff) in some time!Roundhouse offers gamers an app that rivals some console games.The game has both story mode and endless mode. There are three levels of difficulty, giving it an appeal to both the inexperienced and the master gamer. Plus, there are gamecenter achievements and leaderboards. Now, you might be thinking, only his feet? Why would I want to play a game where all I can do is kick? But it is so much more than that. You can unlock these fantastic moves that leave your thumbs wishing you could tap them out faster. I've heard a lot of gamers say that you aren't a real gamer if you only play apps like Candy Crush Saga or Farmville. But Roundhouse is a game designed by hardcore gamers for gamers. It has challenging levels brimming with bosses that will give you a run for your money. And best of all, VPG stayed true to the purpose of the game rather than trying to create a bestseller.Go buy Roundhouse and support Victory Point Games!VPG is a small company that works to help the little man make his way in the gaming world. They make what they love instead of what they think will make the big bucks. These are the companies that care about the customers and the true gamers alike.Even if you don't think Roundhouse is your sort of game, give it a try. It might just surprise you and you will be supporting a worthwhile company in the process.


Published Jun. 26th 2013

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