5 Reasons Warcraft IV should happen (and 3 reasons why it probably won't)

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After World of Warcraft: Legion's announcement, it seems that anyone's hopes and dreams for a Warcraft IV real-time strategy game are just about dead. Despite age-old rumours of a new RTS, Blizzard has pretty much confirmed time and time again that they can't fathom the possibility of cranking out a new Warcraft RTS. With almost 12 years since the last installment, I think that we can safely say at this point that it just isn't going to happen...

So I decided: I should get angry and tell Blizzard why they should make one anyway!

As such, I've compiled here a list of 5 reasons why Warcraft IV needs to happen - and 3 reasons why it probably won't - so let's get our peons and peasants ready and dig in!

Published Aug. 6th 2015
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Oh it will happen. Maybe we wait another decade, but it will happen.

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