PAX Cover of 3D Realms Explosive New Game Bombshell

When your arm gets blown off, what do you? Manufacture your arm to be a deadly bionic weapon and destroy the mysterious alien force that caused it.

Partnering with Interceptor Entertainment, 3D Realms is breaking necks with their new isometric action role-playing game BombShell. The fast-paced shooter role play style mechanics brings depth and excitement from an isometric perspective; a fancy way of saying how 3D drawings are visually represented in 2D. Players must combat deadly aliens with speed and accuracy in what is considered an intense genre never seen before.

The Story

The game follows Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison, a super badass bomb technician turned mercenary for hire after a terrible disaster kills her teammates while losing her arm in what is called "The Washington Incident." Shelly was held responsible for failing to disarm the otherworldly bomb and thus discharged from the Global Defense Force. After being approached by a private military contractor, Shelly is given a newly constructed arm with technological remnants found from the incident.  

Bombshell has players fighting against a ferocious alien race that has kidnapped the president led by heinous scientist, Jadus Heskel. As Bombshell, you'll explore elemental worlds with stunning and vivid graphics that will leave you breathless. Bombshell's artwork pulls on nostalgic strings resembling 2D art traits like Contra but with an intense detail to design. 


The game has a knack to throw in some surprises as the point of view can change from its traditional top-down view to third person view periodically. Players main weapon is Bombshell's newly constructed arm that gains new abilities as the game progresses. Upgrading each ability increases attack, speed, and adds buffs to execute combos dealing tremendous damage.

Playing Bombshell on a keyboard can be a bit rough as the direction of the mouse in relation to Bombshell is the course in which all her attacks are fired. In retrospect, Bombshell will be released on console as well with the left analog stick used for movement and the right used for directional projection of attack. This is comforting to know as Bombshell's jump and dodge maneuverability can be accentuated better on a controller than keyboard.

Interceptor Entertainment & 3D Realms

3D Realms is most known for games like Duke Nukem, Rise of the Triad, and Max Payne. Executive producer at Interceptor Entertainment, Khaled Ibrahimi, talked to me about the companies aspiration of creating the brands' new IP BombShell.

At the moment we are feeling very confident that the game is getting there and it looks good. It plays as it should be, just some elements we are still tweaking and collecting feedbacks from all the playthroughs. That’s how we are moving forward.

Initially Bombshell was set to be released Summer of 2015. However when speaking with Ibrahimi, both 3D Realms and Interceptor felt it was necessary to perfect the game before launch. Being their own IP, cultivating a compelling story, intricate characters, and an unique tone has place the overall development of the game as the highest priority. Not being eager to promise anything and pushing out the game when it is ready is an uncommon yet admirable trait to see. 

When asked if previous halted games like Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded and critically disappointing Duke Nukem Forever had effected 3D Realms to feel obligated to perfect their new IP, Ibrahimi eloquently rebutted

Because it's our own IP I think we feel free. With a system IP you have more external parties involved, and that's when the pressure comes in and your rush to do things. With this IP, it's because we have that freedom to make the perfect title, we’re will work on taking our time in developement. We really want to deliver something that is great. We really want to focus at least in creating that complex universe and character. That's more important to us than anything else.

Bombshell received positive reactions at QuakeCon 2015. Many acclaimed the old school 80s style to be making a comeback with the launch of the new IP. As cited by Gamespot, Bombshell was initially developed as Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. However, the new spin to the story is a refreshing take on 3D Realm's ingenuity. Following their earlier revamp of Rise of Triad, Bombshell is destined to follow suit in mixing retro aesthetics with great graphics, story, and experience.

Bombshell is set to be release sometime later this year. Be sure to follow Interceptor Entertainment, 3D Realms, and Bombshell for more information.


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Published Sep. 15th 2015

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