Pokemon Unite Fair Play Points System Explained

Pokemon Unite's Fair Play system promotes good sportsmanship. Here's how Fair Play points work and how to get them.

Tons of Pokemon fans have flooded Pokemon Unite’s servers. So much so, that the average wait time for a match is typically only a few seconds. But not all encounters are positive, and Fair Play points help you know if someone is likey a good match up. 

This Pokemon Unite guide will tell you everything you need to know about the game's Fair Play point system and how it works. 

We’ve outlined why someone might want to surrender during a Pokemon Unite match. One of the main reasons is poor sportsmanship. Someone going AFK out of spite or rage quitting, resulting in an unbalanced match.

Constantly being teamed up with negative players could sour someone’s enjoyment of the game. Thankfully, Pokemon Unite has a system called Fair Play that helps mitigate these types of experiences.

This system relies on points to determine if a player will be potentially positive or negative during a given match.

How Does the Fair Play System Work?

A screenshot of the Fair Play points deduction breakdown.

All Pokemon Unite players start out with 100 Fair Play Points, the maximum any player can have. The points will either stay at this number, decline, or increase (from a previous decline) based on their actions.

How many points are given or taken depends on the positive or negative action taken.

Positive Actions:

  • Complete a random match: + 2 points
  • Complete a ranked match: + 2 points
  • Complete a CPU match: + 1 point

Negative Actions:

  • Abandoning a matchmade team: - 1 point
  • Idling during a march (short term): - 2 points
  • Idling during a match (extended): - 5 points
  • Idling during a match (maliciously): - 8 points

Once you drop below 90 points, you’ll no longer receive Fair Play Point rewards (like coins) when a match is completed. Dropping below 80 will remove access to Ranked play. Go Below 60 and you won’t be able to play in Standard or Quick Matches; only private or CPU-based matches will be allowed.

What’s interesting about the Fair Play point system is how negative actions tower over the positive ones.

For one, Pokemon Unite only awards five Fair Play Points per day. However, it’s possible to lose much more than that in the same time frame.

And while I’m not sure what the point deduction is for being reported for bad behavior, I’d assume each report only make things worse. Basically, it’ll take negative players a while to redeem themselves in Pokemon Unite.

How to See Your Fair Play Points

In order to check your Fair Play status, go to the main menu screen. From there, press the “L” button and select your trainer profile. Scroll down to Fair Play points and see how you stack up. Hopefully, you’ll be greeted with the word “excellent” and a nice big “100”.

And that's how Fair Play points work, how to get them, and how to see how many you have. Pokemon Unite is an entertaining MOBA. Don’t spoil the fun by idling or rage quitting. In hopes of ensuring an overall better experience in-game, be sure to check back here for more Pokemon Unite guides.


Kenneth Seward Jr. is the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of United Front Gaming and a freelance writer (IGN, Upload, Zam Network, etc.). He occasionally eats mushrooms in an attempt to grow taller...it never works. Feel free to make fun/follow him on Twitter (@KennyUFG)!

Published Jul. 26th 2021

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