Valve's first Steam Machines release Oct. 16th, in stores Nov. 10th

Steam Machines by Alienware and Cyberpower, Steam Controller, and Steam Link will available in retail stores November 10th.

After three years of ups and downs, Valve has finally announced a release date for their first official Steam Machines: October 16th for some pre-orders, and November 10th for retail.

Alienware and CyberPower will release the first two lines of PC-console Steam Machines, which will run Linux-only SteamOS and will be able to stream Steam games from any local Windows or Mac computer. The Alienware Steam Machine will be fully upgradeable except its graphics chip, which, according to Dell, performs at the same level as a GeForce GTX 860M or better. The CyberPower Steam Machine will be fully upgradeable with support for graphic cards such as the Nvidia GTX Titan and AMD Radeon R9 290X.

Starting at $449, the Steam Machines will be available for retail on the same day as the Steam Controller and the TV-streaming Steam Link, both with a price of $50 each. 

Pre-orders for the Alienware Steam Machine, Steam Controller, and Steam Link start today at GameStop and Steam, along with the CyberPower Steam Machine on its site. GameStop, EB Games, Micromania, GAME UK, and Steam will pre-sell the Steam Controller and Steam Link as wel

Take a look at Alienware's Alpha iteration of the Steam Machine.


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Published Jun. 4th 2015

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