EA To Unveil Star Wars: Battlefront And More At E3

We won't have to wait much longer for more info on Star Wars Battlefront.

While we were all hoping and expecting it, EA's finally given the confirmation. DICE's reboot of the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise will be shown off at E3, along with five additional games. Last we heard, Battlefront was in a playable state at DICE's Los Angelos branch, although it's unclear if the press will be able to preview the game's current pre-Alpha/Alpha stage of development.

Additional speculation indicates that the new Mass Effect game, along with both the new IP and Star Wars title from Visceral Games. Still, those only account for four of the six titles. It seems unlikely we'll be hearing about Bioware's new Star Wars game, but perhaps we'll hear about their third original IP which has been in development for some time. We may or may not hear about DICE's Mirror's Edge reboot/sequel.

What's most intriguing is that one of the games shown will be available this year. Mass Effect and Battlefront are the most likely contenders, with anything by Visceral taking a close third place in likelihood. Either way, it won't be long until we have a new EA game to bug test--I'm sorry, I mean play.


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Published May. 7th 2014

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