Lords of The Fallen 2 Confirmed

Lords of The Fallen 2 confirmed after three short months of the initial launch.

Fans of Lord's of The Fallen and Dark Souls style games can rejoice. Tomaz Gop, Executive Producer for Lords of The Fallen posted on his personal Facebook page that the concepts for Lords of The Fallen 2 are underway. 

I originally scrolled past this post of his as it was written in Polish and I don't read Polish. When browsing I had read rumors of Lords of The Fallen 2 being confirmed by Tomaz himself around the date of December 17th. I am fortunate enough to have Tomaz on my friend list so it was easy enough to scroll down his old posts and sure enough there was a post written that I didn't understand except for the words Lords of The Fallen 2. (PICTURED BELOW) After translating it brought only good news confirming that Lords of The Fallen 2 is in fact under way.

There are no details about the sequel, but as a fan of the game I have only a couple speculative hopes. As a fan of the difficulty of Souls games I hope that they increase the difficulty range in Lords II. When I played through Lords of The Fallen I had only died a handful of times. I would like to have more of a challenge when approaching this style game.

Let's hope we can avoid things like this....

Another hope for the game is the amount of content. The first play of Lords took a bit longer than subsequent plays, but even the first only took fourteen hours. Speed runners of the game have gotten the game beaten in under an hour. For a game this size it should not be able to be beaten that quick even for a speedrunner.

Once again no details have been released for Lords of The Fallen 2, the only thing clear is that it is being made. I am excited even if it is the same difficulty and length, but I can still hope. Also hopefully with a tease letting us know that it is being made we will see it in a couple years. What are your hopes? Comment Below.

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Published Jan. 6th 2015

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