Echo of Soul: Vagrant's Copse Dungeon Guide

A basic rundown of the Vagrant's Copse solo dungeon.

Unlike the first solo dungeon, there are a few interesting mechanics you need to prepare for in Vagrant's Copse. This guide will detail those mechanics, and hopefully prepare you for quick and easy clears for gear farming.

Dungeon Mechanics:

These are the basic mechanics you have to deal with while advancing through the dungeon.

Due to my trouble grasping the Kimaro mechanic on my first playthough, I made a new recording afterwards.

Detector Eye:

In Hidden Cavern, you're expected to master pathing patterns to avoid pulling too many monsters at once. The Detector Eyes here are a test of what you learned. If you aggro the Detector Eye, it will spawn two monsters in the normal and three in the heroic version. There are two ways to avoid aggro-ing these creatures. The first is just patiently waiting until they are away from your desired destination, then walking to that point. The second is to use dash attacks on the Nepenthus Colony stationary targets to zip past them. As far as I know, this is only possible with Guardian, Warrior, and Rogue. 

Here's an example of me using Typhoon Charge as a Stormguard to move through the area.

Gnarled Staff:

These are positioned around the first two areas. They emit a poison debuff and require deactivation to get to the third area. There are also two blocking the door to the final boss that do not emit a poison debuff. In the first area there is one that is slightly difficult to reach. Refer to the video to find its specific location if you're having trouble.

Forest King Kimaro:

To spawn the final boss, you have to kill the initial Nepenthus Queen in the last room. If you die, the boss will remain spawned, so repeating this step is unnecessary. The basic concept of this fight is to interrupt the yellow cast bar and move away from Kimaro during the gray cast bar.

Nepenthus Colony:

Outside of that, Kimaro will spawn Nepenthus Colony mobs, (the little flowers) that expel a wide-spreading poison debuff in the room. Killing these flowers is your top priority, otherwise you'll die too fast. The flowers themselves die in one to two hits, so it's not too hard to do. I had trouble grasping this in my first playthrough of Vagrant's Copse.

Nepenthus Queen:

When he nears half health, Kimaro will spawn a Nepenthus Queen, making him grow in size and increasing his defense. Kill the Queen to revert these changes and finish the boss, while continuing to deal with the other mechanics.

If you follow these tips, you should have Vagrant Copse on farm fairly easily. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave them below and I'll address them. Be sure to check out my Echo of Soul guide list for more walkthroughs.

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Published Feb. 8th 2018
  • degimo
    Make sure you kill the colony and queen when she spawns, i missed this and was fighting for ages drinking many potions!
  • eosrogue
    what level do you actually reccomend doing the dungeon? because i went in level 22, as a rogue with assassin path, and i can't even come close to getting him half health

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