How should the "Three of Coins" be nerfed?

How should Bungie tame the Three of Coins?

Since the arrival of Xur on September 18th, Destiny players have found a new way to farm exotic engrams. The method basically involves buying loads of the Three of Coins and kill-wiping on a easy boss like Draksis or The Gatelord.

This definitely method works - I personally got 5 exotics with just 30 Three of Coins, which netted me Hereafter, Light Beyond Nemesis (Year Two), and other exotics. 

Bungie's Community Manager responded on Reddit with the following statement: 

Well, good morning, Reddit!

I was just conferring with the Design Team about how Three of Coins is performing in the wild. It is their assessment, and yours as well, given the context of the dialogue here, that the drop rates are too damn high. For now, this will play in your favor...

You earned those coins. Have fun spending them. The Nine may be delighted that you're blowing them all now.

As always, thanks for being an outstanding source of feedback and awareness. We like you just fine.

DeeJ, out.

So unfortunately, a nerf will be coming soon. Now comes the speculation of how the Three of Coins should be changed. Is the drop rate too high? I don't think so. I believe having to spend 3-8 coins on average to get an exotic is fair. The coins are working exactly how Bungie intended. However, they did not account for the means of farming easy ultras like Draksis. 

So what kind of nerf would I propose?

I recommend raising the rate based on difficulty. Nerf the drop rate on low-level ultras and raise the rate on higher level ultras. That way, more players will be grinding heroic strikes instead of Scourge of Winter. You'll get that much more satisfaction from seeing that exotic engram dropping on a hard-fought battle in a nightfall.

This is just an opinion and only time will tell what Bungie does. As of now, the farm still works. So if you're down for easy exotics, get farming. I don't see Bungie keeping this untamed for longer. 

What do you guys think of the Three of Coins? What should Bungie nerf, if anything at all? Sound off in the comments below. 

Published Sep. 20th 2015
  • Justin_8463
    Simple nerf is on missions have the exotic drop on the reward screen after completion and have it drop on the ground in open world bosses like the taken lieutenants. Then you dont have to mess with drop rates which i think are fine.

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