New Ghost of Tsushima Trailer Highlights Jin's Double Life

The latest Ghost of Tsushima trailer hones in on Jin's dual paths of honor and death.

Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima finally launches July 17 for PlayStation 4, and there's an atmospheric new trailer called "A Storm Is Coming" to get us ready for launch day. The focus in this new Ghost of Tsushima trailer is Jin's split life between honor and doing what must be done.

Focusing on the game's diametric gameplay, we see Jin engage in traditional combat in the daylight, where he freely engages the Mongols without hiding his identity. But when that isn't enough, though, Jin turns into the Ghost, a merciless killer willing to do whatever he must to defend his island.

Whether that's ambushing his foes, using skillful stealth tactics to take down an entire fortress, or just using his reputation to terrify the Mongols into submission, there's no denying Jin-the-Ghost has a few tricks up his sleeve.

What the cost for that is remains to be seen, although we know choice won't factor into it. Sucker Punch has made it clear several times that Jin must sacrifice part of his identity to walk this road, and the new Ghost of Tsushima trailer makes that pretty plain as well. "A storm is coming," says Jin's father. Is it coming for the Mongols — or for Jin? We'll find out soon enough.

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Published Jun. 30th 2020

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