Destiny Iron Banner Tournament Stopped, Lord Saladin Cannot be Found

Iron Banner Tournament has been shelved.

Due to connection issues for Trials of Osiris in Destiny, this week's Iron Banner Tournament will not be happening as the issues will not be fixed on time. Bungie let players know over Twitter:

The Trials of Osiris is is a weekly Crucible (multiplayer) event in an Elimination style game type. There are also level advantages enabled, so players with better gear and levels will get buffs. The playlist is avaliable from Friday till Tuesday each week, but due to connection issues with this week's event the Iron Banner Tournament was called off.

The Iron Banner Tournament comes and goes throughout the year, but is only available for a limited time. Played within the Control game mode, however, you must be at least level 40 and light level 230 to participate in this 6v6 tournament. You are rewarded with Iron Banner exclusive gear if you rank up, win, and even get buff multipliers for just taking part each day.

It's unclear as of yet when the Iron Banner Tournament will come back online, but GameSkinny will keep you updated.

In good news, any network errors with the HONEYDEW code have now been fixed.

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Published Jun. 21st 2016

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