Outriders' Broadcast 3 Conjures Its Fourth Class, The Technomancer

See Outriders' new Technomancer class in action and learn more about its abilities and playstyle.

During their third monthly Outriders’ showcase, Square Enix and People Can Fly unveiled the game’s fourth and final altered class: the Technomancer.

This class influences and controls technology and is capable of summoning powerful weapons as part of its skillset. While the gameplay video above shows off the Technomancer in action, the development team didn’t delve too deeply into class specifics, instead leaving more information for September’s showcase spotlight.

They did, however, tease what the Technomancer is capable of, saying it is a “long-range support class” that’s able to “conjure up a variety of different constructs, from turrets and mines and missile launchers, all the way to rocket launchers and miniguns.”

With all of that firepower, it may seem that the Technomancer deals heavy damage in single bursts, but Square and People Can Fly said that this is a “damage over time monster,” which reinforces the powers of the Pyromancer, the Trickster, and the Devastator.

We were able to witness some of its crowd control abilities in our recent Outriders’ demo, in which we tackled co op multiplayer, different World Tiers, and the game’s deep crafting system. Technomancers aren’t without their weaknesses, and can certainly get in trouble if the going gets tough, but the power and versatility they bring to any fight is palpable. Their ability to heal "at the press of a button" is a huge boon. 

A post on the PlayStation Blog further detailed the Technomancer's capabilities. Toby Palm, Community Manager at Square Enix said that Technomancers can also influence other things besides machines: 

A Technomancer’s capability, however, extends beyond electric technology, allowing them to even manipulate the most complex of constructs: biological cells and subatomic particles. 

He continued, positioning the Technomancer as class for both solo and cooperative players:

... a Technomancer does have certain unique skills and passives that you won’t find with the other classes. For one, certain selectable Technomancer passives make this class most effective with Sniper Rifles.

Their construct skills also allow them to add autonomous damage and agro to the battlefield, making them a particularly useful class for players who prefer to play by themselves and without co-op partners. For players who do intend to play with a squad, the Technomancer can bring a host of capabilities to a team mix that may otherwise be solely focused on damage output.

Broadcast 3 also detailed the Devastator, further delving into its strengths as the game’s nimble tank. Focused on earth-based powers, the Devastator can deal massive amounts of damage while also protecting other players with its unique defensive abilities. It’s also surprisingly good at traversal and closing distances quickly.

Previous Broadcasts focused on the Trickster and the Pyromancer.

Outriders is set to release sometime this holiday season for PC on Steam and EGS, as well as the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. It will release on Google Stadia “sometime in 2021.” Stay tuned for more on Outriders as it becomes available.

[Source: Square Enix, PlayStation Blog]

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Published Aug. 25th 2020

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