How to QB Slide and Throw the Ball Away in Madden 20

Wondering how to slide or throw the ball away in Madden 20? Slide into this guide to find out how to do both.

No matter what plays you call in Madden 20, you sometimes have to slide with your QB or throw the ball away. 

Whatever the scenario, you'll want to keep your quarterback safe. You'll also want to make sure that you hold on to the pigskin, because getting rocked greatly increases your chances of fumbling the football. 

It doesn't matter if you're playing as Patrick Mahomes or Russell Wilson, Tom Brady or Alex Smith. In these situations, not getting hit is a big priority. In these situations, you'll have two options at your disposal: slide or throw the ball away. 

It seems rather simple to just slide or throw the ball away and it is! The only thing is that Madden 20 doesn't really tell you how to do either one. Here are some tips on how to do both. 

How to QB Slide in Madden 20

Back in Madden 17, sliding was a bit cumbersome. If you were playing on the Xbox One, you had to press the Left and Right Triggers + X, and if you were playing on the PlayStation 4, you had to press L2 + R2 + Square.

When you have to hit all of those buttons in unison it can put you at greater risk because your wayward thumb could push the left analog stick in the wrong direction. 

But this year, Madden 20 is a lot simpler  much like 18 and 19.

To QB slide on the Xbox One, you'll simply scramble by holding "RT" and then tapping "X" once you've passed the line of scrimmage. You'll know you've done so because your receiver icons will disappear, the camera will zoom toward your quarterback, and your QB will protect the ball against his chest. 

QB sliding on the PS4 is also just as simple: all you have to do is scramble by holding "R2" and then tapping "Square" once you've passed the line of scrimmage.

Be sure to let go of "RT" and/or "R2" before tapping the respective dive button or the QB will dive instead of slide. 

How to Throw the Ball Away in Madden 20

Conversely, there may be times when the pocket is collapsing around you and the outside linebackers are rushing toward you faster than freight trains. You won't be able to slide in these situations.

Instead, you'll need to throw the ball away and forfeit the down to not lose any yardage, turn the ball over, or get your QB grievously injured. Knowing how to pass out of bounds in these situations is critical. 

To throw the ball away in Madden 20, just press down on the right analog stick. You'll be able to throw away once you've taken your full 5-step drop.


It's that simple. But before taking to the field, head over to Madden 20's practice mode and give these exercises a quick whirl to get the feel for their animations. Check here for more Madden 20 guides:

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Published Feb. 12th 2020

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